Eliminating costly operations without cutting corners = big competitive advantages.

Sükosim is a proprietary process that combines deep-draw stamping with cold forming into a single process. The process is run as a coil-fed, progressive stamping and requires a very large press. Our unique process produces extruded wall thicknesses that are more than double that of the base metal. The result is a superior part that offers strength optimization while reducing weight. Other benefits include:

  • Thicker extrusion walls add strength and allow for re-tapping and threading
  • Tapping in-die eliminates possibility of missing fasteners – resulting in fewer operations and higher quality
  • Fewer parts means decreased or eliminated assembly times
  • Eliminates welding; weld flash; stress point fatigue; and misalignment
  • Allows for shorter extrusions than weld/stake nuts for tighter spaces

Thick-Walled Extrusions

DIN EN ISO compliant

Sükosim can produce DIN EN ISO specification compliant properties for fine and course thread nuts:

  • Smaller than M8 Meets Class 8 Requirements
  • M8 and Larger
    Meets Class 10 Requirements